Don't be yourself. Be better

Once I published that the worst advice you can receive is: "Just be yourself."

Two sides of the coin

On the one hand, you can think that being yourself is to be fluid and less analytical with your behavior. Being yourself means then let yourself be whatever you want. With those qualities and defects that you have learned during your life.

It makes sense.

But the other side generates noise to me. Being yourself also means letting your dark side flow. As something that cannot change. The typical: "This is how I am. Accept it."

It also makes sense.

But having this mindset is also contradictory. Accepting who you are, in theory, is also accepting that you can change over time.

Change the mindset

So don’t be yourself. Be better. Not being yourself means accepting that you can react to situations as you want. That you are someone fickle, changeable, and full of emotions. That you can embrace the fact that today you can be happy, sad tomorrow, and in two months excited about a new job.

Not being yourself is opening the door to your goals and dreams, but also putting aside the person you thought you were.

Not being yourself is accepting that you can do better. It depends on you how your identity embraces change. Because that is the only sure thing in this life: as long as you exist, everything moves and moves forward.