How stop eating changed my life

It's been over a month since I got heartburn.

The doctor gave me a prescription and told me that everything would be fine. But, to be honest, I didn’t feel the same. During this month, I have felt my body’s warning to change my whole diet.

Practically everything causes me heartburn. Before that, I was used to eating acidic and fatty things. So making this change is really hard. But I have to do it.

These weeks, I stopped drastically consuming coffee, cigarettes, beer, carbonated drinks, fried foods, and fats.

The diet of steamed vegetables and grilled meat became my diet. On top of that, water, green juices, and red apples are my best companions — sometimes I allow myself to eat seeds. But everything in my diet changed.

Stop eating changed my life for good, because I have never felt that silence — the one you feel when your body doesn’t have sugar.

Also, I don’t feel the need to drink anything to have fun. Maybe because I left the beer and alcohol in general. Nor do I look for a way out of my daily stress, because I don’t smoke cigarettes either.

Instead of that, I look for some time alone. I downloaded some apps to do meditation. And now I talk more with my partner about how I feel during the day. Even some of my personal projects have progressed during these weeks.

Stop eating gave me inner peace. I am surprised at how doped we can be for foods that are not fruits and vegetables. They generate anxiety, noise, and we use them to compensate for our negative feelings.

Stop eating is the best gift I am giving myself in the future. Now I have to finish my treatment and hope for the best. But every day, I feel grateful that my body gave me the alarm signal while I am still young.

Plus: Now, thanks to this experience, I am working on an app that helps you build thoughtful habits. You can request the beta version here.