Stop thinking (if you're smart)

There is the idea that smart people are unhappy, mainly because they can think continuously and nurture thoughts, scenarios, and routes anytime, anywhere.

While listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast with Naval, I learned another perspective. If you’re too smart, then why haven’t you figured out how to be happy? In that case, you’re not that smart, after all.

During the last weeks, I have taken some time to meditate after work. It is a small habit that I wanted to build — and it is difficult, but from now, I can see the changes in my behavior.

I used to feel proud of being someone smart — someone who sees his mind as a machine that doesn’t stop working. But that has caused me anxiety, emotional problems, and unhappiness.

Fundamentally meditation serves to calm the mind. And unlike other methods to feel happy — like parties, alcohol, hallucinogens and extreme sports, in meditation, you don’t get away from your mind.

In fact, meditation serves to learn to live with your mind and be happy with your thoughts. It’s hard not to make judgments or think negatively, but observing those internal behaviors is a huge step.

To be smart, from this perspective, is to observe your thoughts, analyze them, and ask yourself why they arise at the moment they arise. Then you will have the opportunity to solve those thoughts. And to feel calm. And to be happy.

Stop thinking.

You can watch Joe Rogan’s podcast with Naval here.